Navillus Irrigation, LLC
510 Wyoming Road
Wyoming NY 14591

Phone: 585-584-8114

Sister Companies:
Jeffres Ag Service, LLC
R.L. Jeffres & Sons, Inc.

Navillus is Sullivan spelled backwards!  Paul Sullivan started Navillus Irrigation in 1985 originally just selling irrigation equipment. Over the years Paul sold irrigation equipment all across New York, New England and Maine.  This coincided with the irrigation “evolution” from aluminum pipe with sprinklers, to aluminum pipe with hard hose reels, to irrigation pivots.  By chance Paul was able to diversify the business into food waste disposal for a local food company.  We do business with a small number of long term customers and handle their excess food wastes disposal year round. 

Paul began contemplating retirement and approached Jim and Tom Jeffres in 2006 to sell his business.  A deal was reached and the business was sold to Jim and Tom January 2007. Paul remains involved keeping in touch with the business while he still tries to figure out retirement!

Jeff Finch joined us in 2010 to handle the irrigation equipment sales, service and parts.  Jeff works closely with our dealer reps to stay on top of equipment updates and pricing.  Dave Stafford joined us in 2007 and oversees the food waste disposal aspect of the business.